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case study 1

City of Westminster and the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

Regional Network Solutions were recently engaged by both Councils to develop and implement a strategy in which both Councils would play an enabling role in supporting the delivery of a metro wireless network by offering access to their street furniture under a service concession agreement. 

In terms of the actual strategy Westminster City Council with the support of Regional Network Solutions adopted an approach which encompassed the following key processes and stages: 


  1. Due Diligence – Financial Modelling, State Aid
  2. Expression of Interest – Soft Market Testing
  3. Preparation of Tender  – Technical and Commercial Expertise
  4. Market Information Day
  5. Tender Dialogue Sessions
  6. Tender Submission and Evaluation


Through a structured joint tendering process which took less than four months to complete both Councils successfully secured a service concession agreement which: 

  • Delivered a wireless network at no cost to the respective Councils but purely through private investment
  • Delivered a co-ordinated and sustainable approach to realising a Borough wireless network
  • Delivered a long term and guaranteed revenue stream for both councils in the case of Kensington and Chelsea in excess of £3.5 Million
  • Provided a platform for free wifi access 24/7 
  • Promoted and enhanced the resident, business and  visitor experience in both Boroughs
  • Created a platform to address digital inclusion enhanced by the availability of free wifi access
  • Provided  the opportunity for both councils to utilise this digital platform as part of their channel shift strategy
  • Delivered within very tight timescales a wireless network prior to the Olympics.

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