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case study 3

Leeds/Bradford Public

Regional Network Solutions were engaged by Leeds/Bradford Councils to provide technical, commercial and strategic support in supporting the delivery of a metro wireless network by offering access to their street furniture under a service concession agreement. 

In terms of the actual strategy Regional Network Solutions by adopting a collaborative approach  worked closely with Leeds City which focused on the delivery of the following key stages: 


  1. Due Diligence: provided guidance on PFI relationship, asset availability, financial modelling and State Aid
  2. Preparation of Tender Documentation provided Technical and Commercial Expertise as well assisting in drafting documentation for internal approval.
  3. Supported two stages of Competitive Dialogue.
  4. Contributed to Final Tender Evaluation
  5. Assisted in subsequent Commercial Negotiations
  6. Provided on going support during the initial implementation staget



  • Delivered a wireless network at no cost to the respective Councils but purely through private investment
  • Delivered a co-ordinated and sustainable approach to realising a metro wireless network as part of their Super Connected City Strategy
  • Delivered a long term and guaranteed revenue stream for both councils 
  • Promoted and enhanced the resident, business and  visitor experience in each City through access to wifi as well the planned implementation of a Small Cell Strategy 
  • Realised a council aspiration to create a platform to address digital inclusion enhanced by the availability of free wifi access
  • Provided the opportunity for councils to utilise in the future  this digital platform as part of their channel shift strategy
  • From PQQ Stage in May 2012 first initial wifi phase was delivered by Christmas 2012 to realise the aspirations of both Council’s CEO’s.

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